Freely Dating – The Best Tinder Clone Software Solution for Your Dating App Startup

freely, our Tinder clone text for iOS and Android is a quick, beautiful and creative way to engage with dates and get to know them better. This is the first Tinder Clone script on the market built entirely on MEAN stack leveraging Node.JS as a server-side typing technology, MongoDB as a data database, Socket.IO as a real-time chat engine.

free dating is a dating app script around you if you are an entrepreneur who wants to start a dating app solution for any target group or specific target market. Datum is a pre-built solution, you just have to customize the app or your needs or just buy the solution as it is (Obviously we will design it for you ;-p)!

What is a Tinder Clone ?

Tinder clone is an application software solution based on the popular dating business model, Tinder. The name Tinder Clone is used to provide an indication of the type of app, app development companies are offering to entrepreneurs.

What is a Tinder Clone Script ?

Tinder Clone script is a source code that creates a complete dating app solution based on the popular Tinder dating business model. You can modify the Tinder Clone script by adding new and new features to the source code.

What are the Features of Tinder Clone Application?  

The Tinder clone app has features such as 'Swipe and Match', 'Set Date', 'Add Preferences', 'Video / Photo Profile', 'Newsfeed', 'Conversations', 'Audio / Video Call Feature', 'Advanced Registration Programs', 'Coins Wallet' and many more!

Why Choose Tinder Clone?

The dating industry has done very well over the years with a new generation. The following statistics are proof of this:

$ 3 Billion industry, exclusively in the USA (Think globally).

600 million singles can access the Internet.

Online dating is a popular way to meet couples.

Our Clone app for Tinder is completely customizable with powerful preferences settings on the control panel. Create your own dating app script with our Tinder Clone.